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Japanese Taiko - 15 Pipe Drum Class Pack


This is a pack of 15 Kagemusha Pipe Drums, each with its own stand and set of Bachi (drum sticks) - perfect for kitting out a whole class with 2 pupils per drum.


Kagemusha Taiko have developed Taiko drums that are affordable and robust whilst looking and sounding good.


Their initial designs have evolved over the years to deliver these popular drums that have been met with approval all over the country. Music Services in Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Ealing, Portsmouth, North Somerset and Devon have all bought Kagemusha Taiko Pipe Drums in the past few years, and we welcome individual schools, emerging Taiko groups and individuals to purchase smaller sets of drums.


These drums work. You can hit them hard and you can get a good sound out of them, whether on skin or rim. You can carry them easily and you won't panic if you're outside and it starts to rain, and you don't need to worry if someone gets rough and knocks one over. These drums are built to last!

Social awareness and respect are phenomena that become a given. From the moment of approaching a session to leaving it, students states of mind can be transformed . . . Rehearsal principles established through Taiko have resulted in huge improvements in all of our ensembles, as well as permeating through the school and beyond.Classroom Music Magazine, Autumn 2010


How it's Played

Everyone loves playing Taiko, and it works successfully with both Primary and Secondary pupils. The physical nature of Taiko makes it utterly absorbing and exciting, whilst the discipline provides a structured framework for creativity.


As well as attracting the best young musicians and high achievers, Taiko attracts pupils who would not normally get involved in school music - and some don't even regard it as music! Enjoyment is the main achievement of Taiko, with success celebrated at every level.

What it Goes Well With
How it's Made

‘Devon Music Service now owns 4 sets of Kagemusha Pipe Drums, which are in near-constant use. We've found them to be one of our most popular instrument sets for schools. The new soft cases make them easy to transport, and the drums themselves have so far proven indestructible!’


Jennifer Campbell, Devon Music Service, January 2011


Quote used with permission of Kagemusha Taiko.


How to Look After It

Just wipe the drums down with a damp cloth after use and keep them clean, dry and ready for use next time.


Only play the drums with clean, smooth Bachi (make sure the ends are rounded).


Do not store anything on top of the Taiko drums, and of course be careful not to let any sharp objects near the drum heads.


In time, skins and ropes will loosen, giving a lower pitch. This is entirely normal. It is a good idea to re-tighten them - instructions can be requested, free of charge, from Kagemusha Taiko.

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