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Gamelan - Premium - Large 4 key


The ‘Gamelan - Premium - Large 4 key’ is a great choice for young players as the tuning is traditional Balinese and there are no ‘wrong’ notes. All of our instruments are made in Bali and these are the same are the same style as used every day in hundreds of Balinese villages. The Premium range of instruments are all made with quality steel keys and solid jackfruit hardwood casings. The sound quality is very good indeed and these are instruments that will last for years and years.


This is the second to largest of the Premium 4 key range and is pitched an octave above the ‘Gamelan - Premium - XL 4 key’ and an octave below the ‘Gamelan - Premium - Medium 4 key’.


This product can also be found in the ‘Gamelan - Premium - 4 key - 3 pack’.


How it's Played

To play the instruments, take the dedicated hammer-style beater (gamel) and firmly strike the key, letting the mallet bounce off swiftly. When you play a different note you should mute the previous one with your other hand so as to create a constant legato throughout the performance.


If you’re using this product in an Early Years setting, please follow these Good Practice Guidelines.


Good Practice Guide


Early Years Musical Instruments & Music Kits


Please always remember that ‘Sound Children’ and ‘Drums for Schools’ Early Years products are musical instruments and NOT toys and should be used with young children only under the close supervision of responsible educationalists and carers. By following these simple guidelines you will ensure the children’s learning, development and enjoyment of playing music, as well as their safety.


  1. Bring the instruments out just for music sessions, and put them away afterwards (the children will love to help!). This keeps the instruments ‘special’ and it avoids any risk of them being damaged in the course of unsupervised play, without your realising it.

  3. Make sure your music sessions take place on a soft surface, whether inside or out.

  5. By your own example encourage the children to treat the little instruments as we treat full size orchestral instruments - with sensitivity, gentleness and care.

  7. Never allow children to play with any instrument unless closely supervised and don’t let any child suck or bite any part of any instrument.

  9. Don’t let a child of any age play any musical instrument aggressively, especially close the ear, as we must take care to avoid any risk to their hearing.

  11. After each music session, wipe down the instruments with a damp cloth if they’re grubby (fine to use a mild disinfectant solution) and check for any loose parts (tug on any strings) or cracks. If in any doubt, remove a damaged instrument from use and contact us for further advice (sending us a photo is a good start).

Click here to download the Good Practice Guide


Any questions? Email care@drumsforschools.co.uk

What it Goes Well With

Given that all of our Gamelan instruments are tuned to the same master set, it is safe to say that the entire range can be treated in a modular fashion, so you can pick and choose what aspects you add at a later date. You could decide to add more Premium 4 key instruments to make a straight forward ensemble for group work, or you could choose to move upwards to our Premium 7 key range, or even the Premium 10 key range.


Gongs are another traditional element that you may wish to consider adding for a truly authentic sound. You may also consider further dedicated percussion and add some Balinese Drums (Kendhang) or cymbals (Ceng Ceng).

How to Look After It

Keep all Gamelan instruments dry and away from extremes of temperature and they should last well.

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