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These instruments all need to be blown, by the wind or by the lungs.


Please note that our products are musical instruments, not toys, and should always be used under the supervision of responsible educationalists and carers. Keep out of reach of children under 3 years.

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Ocarina Bird - terracotta Harmonica (Mouth Organ) in C Bird Wind Chime

Ocarina Bird - terracotta

Harmonica (Mouth Organ) in C

Bird Wind Chime

This is a beautifully painted terracotta Ocarina in the shape of a bird. It has two finger holes for changing the pitch and so produces three different notes. It is quieter than the plastic ocarinas and has a mellower tone. Please be aware that, being made of terracotta, this i...
This is a good quality harmonica in its own protective case. These are brilliant instruments for young players and they encourage non verbal communication. Because they are small and robust as well as being a very easy instrument to play, these are really great for children as young as three. Children love having their own harmonicas and using them...
A beautiful and ingenious wind chime, perfect for inside or out. The bird and chicks move very realistically all by itself and the sound is wonderful. The bamboo tubes make a typical wood wind chime sound when the wind blows but it can also be played by pulling the string....
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