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These double-ended drums are great for Early Years as they're light, very tough and the kids love to play them. They're also not too loud!


Please note that our products are musical instruments, not toys, and should always be used under the supervision of responsible educationalists and carers. Keep out of reach of children under 3 years of age.

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Kenkeni - 14in diameter, 40cm high, bamboo

Kenkeni - 14in diameter, 40cm high, bamboo

The 'Kenkeni - 14in diameter, 40cm high, bamboo' is the smallest of the classic set of three drums in a Dundun set and is suitable for Primary, Secondary, club and professional use. It is approximately 35cm in diameter and 40cm high. It is made from bamboo for minimal environmental impact, a lighter weight, and great v...
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