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Drum Stand for 40cm High Wooden Djembe


This simple and ingenious metal ‘Drum Stand for 40cm High Wooden Djembe’ takes the entire weight of the drum and raises it from the ground, providing a stable playing height of around 55cm.


It allows the drum to be tilted at a comfortable angle for playing and is great both for professionals (perfect for completely consistent recordings) and also for players who can't grip the drum with their legs so easily.


The stands stack together for easily for mass storage when not in use.


This one is for our 40cm high Djembes. We also manufacture drum stands for 50cm, 60cm and 65cm Djembes.


How it's Played

Just place the drum over the stand and tilt it to the most comfortable angle. To separate the drum from the stand place your feet on the bottom ring of the stand and gently (but firmly) ease off the drum. You may find it easier of you twist the drum slightly as you lift it off.

How it's Made

The drum stand is made from recycled lengths of steel reinforcing rods - those used to reinforce concrete. The bits of metal are soldered together and the top ring, which makes contact with the inside of the drum, is covered with a soft fabric.


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