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Customer Testimonials

"Good quality, robust, interesting and well-priced; everyone enjoys playing these instruments because they sound good, look good and feel good. Popular with everyone from Early Years, Primary and including adults."

By: annA rydeR, teacher and performer, www.rowdymusic.com

" Love all the sounds"

By: Doncaster Arts
"We just love the instruments. The children get so much enjoyment and satisfaction from working with them. They are easy to play, very hard-wearing and excellent value for money."
By: Head, Ceara Special School
" The children and staff are thoroughly enjoying using the Little Hands Starter Basket and the Egg Basket. All arrivedļ¾ in perfect condition. "
By: Hipswell Village Kindergarten
"Drums For Schools have the most competitively priced instruments in the UK. These drums are ideal for our classes and very good for all students across different age groups. They are light, durable and sound very special, having a very distinctive and resonant bass sound. Our students love them!"
By: Kojo Tawiah, drum and dance facilitator, www.ancestralhands.com
"Drums for Schools provides an excellent service - always helpful and eager to make instruments which are suitable for people with special needs. They've supplied us with lovely instruments which we use in children's hospices and special schools and at incredibly competitive prices, too"
By: Lesley Schatzberger, Jessie's Fund
"We bought a range of different sized djembe drums from Drums for Schools, who were very helpful and put together a package of instruments that suited our school's needs. The drums that are good value for schools and beautifully designed. They have been a huge success with our children in their weekly drumming sessions."
By: Music Co-ordinator, Thornhill Primary

"Instruments that instantly capture the imagination, making you feel you just want to play. Definitely value for money!"

By: Naz, Arts Collective, www.ulfaharts.com

" We were very pleased with the service you gave: delivery was excellent and our order was delt with very quickly."

By: Office, St Pius X RCVA Primary
"I was very pleasantly surprised at the low price, great quality, varied sizes and durability of Drums for Schools' djembe drums. I've been using them now for over a year, and hundreds of kids have thoroughly enjoyed learning about rhythm and music with them ... and they're all still working as well as the day I bought them Perfect for energetic kids at school and anyone else who enjoys drumming!"
By: Sean Quinn, drum facilitator,www.drumsheadslive.com
"As always, everything arrived quickly and in excellent condition. All received and brilliant. The children particularly liked the harnesses - they said they looked like reins and had a good laugh!"
By: Senior Teacher South Petherton Infants
"I have been really impressed with everything I have ordered from Drums for schools - and with your fantastic customer service. The children love the instruments we have purchased and thankfully all of the items are strong enough to withstand being "played" by even our youngest 4 year old children!!! Your company produce beautifully made instruments which make fantastic sounds."
By: Teacher, Downham C of E Primary

"We've aspired to have a collection of instruments like these for years, but simply haven't been able to afford them. The other members of staff couldn't believe how low your prices were compared to other sources we've looked at in the past".

By: Teacher, Grantown Playgroup
"We are very happy with the drums. They are perfect for Key Stage 2 children, who are all enjoying playing them. They are easy to store and carry around and make a surprisingly good range of sounds for their size. I am looking forward to developing my own skills and teaching schemes. The communication and advice about which drums to buy etc was excellent and very useful."
By: Teacher, Lowerplace Primary

"¯The drums are fantastic! High quality and a great price!

I have used them nearly every day with all year groups and some pupils are in the music room every break and lunch to play on them! The djembes have been particulary useful in teaching African music to whole classes."
By: Teacher, St Ambrose Barlow School
"The thing I really like about your instruments is that they're real instruments, with the fabulous sound and feel that you can only get from wood, metal and skin, as opposed to the multitude of plastic things designed for toddlers that just look like toys. I think it really helps them to value instruments as something special and exciting."
By: Teacher, West Minster Primary
"I am so thrilled with the order. The price was excellent comparing to other providers - drums quality is superb as are the percussion instruments and resources provided. The students (and teachers!) love them. THRILLED!!!!!"
By: Teacher, Worthing High School

"Brilliant - absolutely brilliant!"

By: Tommy Hayes, music therapist and performer
"A great success, thank you; adults as well as children wanted to use the instruments in the Family Service."
By: Vicar, Hutton Rudby Church

"Taiko is more than music. It is classroom management, respect, communication, listening, collaboration, celebration, self-discipline, personal growth and, mostly, fun!  It covers all of the music curriculum and challenges children in ways that no other subject can offer in such a holistic way.  Children will also gain a sense of team and belonging that cannot be expressed with words.  In short, taiko is a vehicle for teaching everything that is important in life."   

By: Primary Teacher, Devon

I used the Jumbie Jam steel pans with Y4 children very successfully last term. They are a great and very immediate way into music ensemble playing that can lead to all sorts of learning in musical skills and understandings. The children loved it! The cases you offer are also brilliant for storage and make the lesson quick and easy to install and pack down.

By: Primary Teacher

The children love it! They are finding the tools comfortable and are curious. . . It is a great success!!!!

By: MD, Kerens Nurseries

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