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Creaker Creature


Wonderful new instrument based on our popular Frog shape twirler but using the big fruit husks also used in our agogo.

As with the Frog twirler just put some tension on the string and twist the stick - to produce a wide range of different sounds, varying with the amount of tension and the angle of the string. The creaker creature can also be twirled around to produce a wonderful buzzing noise. Simple, ingenious and a great sound.

Also great for showing how sounds are produced as you can see how vibrations set up in the string get amplified inside the fruit husk cavity.


How it's Played

This is a very interesting instrument to play as you need to gently pull the stick with the nylon string upwards while twisting it. The resin on the stick helps to make the nylon string vibrate and these vibrations travel down the string to to the skin over the resonator. It will produce a creaking sound.

Don't pull too hard but hard enough to be able to twist the stick against the string.

You can also whizz the whole thing around on the string which will make a different sound.

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