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Ceng Ceng - Premium - 22cm, pair


These Ceng Ceng are heavy duty Balinese cymbals of a larger than standard size. Traditionally they are made from expensive bronze, but ours are made from sheet steel which is a lighter, cheaper resource and perfect for children to use to accompany Gamelan. These will make an enticing addition to your instrument collection.


N.B. For SEN settings: Please put a note with your order to indicate that it is needed for an SEN setting, so that we know to include the relevant materials.


How it's Played

To play the Ceng Ceng, hold one in each hand and hit them together. They are designed to produce a damped sound rather than a clear resonant sound like Western orchestral or band cymbals. These are for making rhythmic clashing sounds and to punctuate the rhythm and melody.


Pronounced ‘cheng-cheng’, this is one of the primary rhythm instruments in Gamelan.

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