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Caribbean Steel Pan - 30 Player Jumbie Desktop Class Pack - Budg


This 30 player pack contains 10 Jumbie Jam  Desktop steel pans, 20 pieces of hand percussion plus Andy Gleadhill's Caribbean Steel Pan Book and his new Percussion Buddies book. Using the same approach that has so successfully helped hundreds of generalist teachers to introduce African Drumming, Indonesian Gamelan, Brazilian Samba and other World Music styles in classrooms all over the UK, Andy shows you the basic techniques, warm-up exercises and covers all the elements of music whilst helping you and the class progress rapidly through 10 weekly lessons, to the point that the class can perform a range of Steel Pan pieces.

The Jumbie Jam is a high quality, entry level steel pan. It's smaller than a full size Steel Drum and has 8 notes, which are labeled and tuned to the scale of G. A blend of simple design, durability and ease of teaching/learning makes the Jumbie Jam a fantastic instrument for music education . . . and the pupils love it!

The steel pan is very accessible and has both percussive and melodic musical capabilities, creating a well rounded musical experience.

After teaching music to children for 20 years, the Jumbie Jam is the most fun method of teaching music to students I have known. Students immediately engage with this instrument and are learning the power of music before they even realize it. Even the most difficult and hard-to-reach students connect with the Jumbie and claim it as their own. I do not have any discipline issues when I teach the Jumbie.Music Teacher, West Chester Academy of Music


How it's Played

The pack includes:

10 x Jumbie Jam Desktop steel pans with desktop stands

4 x Tambourine

4 x Bongos (please note that we're including new style, lighter bongos with wider playing heads - see photo below)

4 x Agogo medium

4 x Bamboo guiro

4 pairs of coconut maracas

1 x Andy Gleadhill's Caribbean Steel Pans Book

1 x Andy Gleadhill's Percussion Buddies Book

Jumbie Class packs are available in 2 colours, blue and grey. Please indicate which you'd like when ordering. Pink and grey Class Packs are not currently available and would need to be ordered as singles. This pack comes as 2 multi-packs of 4 pans (4 pans and stands in a cardboard box) and two individual Jumbie packs, each in its own carry box. If you need additional individual carry boxes, these can be ordered separately.



  • Simple and durable design.
  • No breathing control issues.
  • No difficult and awkward fingerings to negotiate.
  • Helps develop hand-eye coordination / motor skills.
  • Easy to Play - giving an immediate feeling of success.
  • Height adjustable stand built to table top mode for wheelchair accessibility
  • Inclusive - special needs pupils can play the JJ with the other students.

Originating in the country of Trinidad & Tobago and originally made from recycled steel storage drums, the steel pan is a culturally rich instrument providing lots of opportunity for cross curricular studies. Steel pans are also the mainstay of summer carnivals around the UK, especially the annual Notting Hill Carnival, which brings together an amazing array of steel bands from all over the UK.

What it Goes Well With

The Jumbies are in the key of G so try adding pretty well any western-tuned instruments. In particular, try adding bass guitar or keyboard to fill out the bass. If you're lucky enough to have access to full size steel pans, they'll really make a difference.


Have a look also at the selection of teaching materials that are available under Other / Teaching Resources and do consider the storage/carry bags that will protect and prolong the working lives of the pans.

How it's Made

This original and award winning Steel Drum is designed and manufactured in the USA by Panyard, Inc. World Leaders in Steel Drums and Accessories, using a patented automated manufacturing process.


How to Look After It

The Jumbie Jam is very well made and can be played in any conditions but always dry and clean after use and store in dry conditions and away from extremes of temperature. Be particularly careful not to drop or dent the pan as dents can cause the pan to go out of tune.

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