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Basket - Medium - 26cm, bamboo


This is the medium basket of our bamboo basket collection. It is in a square shape and the size is approximately 26cm by 26cm by 22cm, though sizes do vary slightly as these are all made by hand.


You are welcome to check out our special collectionsfor toddlers, all Key Stages and SEN settings that are packed in suitable baskets.


Teachers and parents report that keeping the musical instruments in a special basket makes the making music together time, to a pleasant and inspirational experience for both, for the children as well for the adults.



These beautiful baskets are traditionally used by the Balinese for carrying offerings of fruit to ceremonies at their local temple and they are also used for storing all sorts of things at home. The baskets are hand-woven from bamboo fibres and are very tough and practical, as well as very beautiful.

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