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African Drumming - An Extended Introduction (full)


At Drums for Schools Ltd we appreciate that even with full support and encouragement, some of you may wish to dig a little deeper very early on in order to feel confident about teaching a particular area. You may wish to read around the subject and choose for yourself which key areas to embellish further in your lessons but not be entirely sure what information should be classed as relevant.


To this end, Richard McKerron has written a series of introductory articles which utilises information from Andy Gleadhillís books as well as more in depth information from further afield. This will give you a strong starting point to read on even further, or in isolation provide you with enough information to answer the trickier questions that may be put to you within a lesson.


A series of videos has also been uploaded in support of the article which will help you develop the basics with confidence, and these are embedded in the PDF documents below.


You may also be interested in our Downloadable Schemes of Work and one-page lesson plans which benefit from these supporting documents, and are also based upon the information and techniques found within Andy Gleadhillís Teaching Guides.


How it's Played

Article Contents


  • General Introduction

  • History and Cultural Background

  • The Instruments

  • General Technique

  • Master Drummer

  • Grid Notation

  • Warm-Up Exercises

  • Call and Response

  • Soloing



The video playlist which supports these documents can also be found here.

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