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Frog Twirler - painted


Bigger version of our Frog shape twirler.

Also really easy to play - just put some tension on the string and twist the stick - and sounds just like a frog. In fact it can make a wide range of different sounds, depending on the amount of tension and the angle of the string. The hand-painted frog can also be twirled around to produce a wonderful buzzing noise. Simple, ingenious and a great sound.

Also great for showing how sounds are produced as you can see how vibrations set up in the string get amplified by the drum inside the frog.


Click the trumpet icon below to listen to an amazing audio clip "Disappearing World" below by 9 year old Erin Bryant. Erin directed the whole thing and played both keyboard themes and nearly all of the parts including the bird whistles and rain stick and frog twirler. The piece starts as an idyll, but then portrays the threat to the environment (some ambient forest noises used as part of background and a chainsaw sample to represent the ongoing destruction....). Brilliant!!

Click the trumpets to hear sound samples of tracks from the Teaching Guide...        


How it's Played

This is a very interesting instrument to play as you need to gently pull the stick with the nylon string upwards while twisting it. The resin on the stick helps to make the nylon string vibrate and these vibrations travel down the string to to the skin over the resonator. It will produce a creaking sound. You can also cup your palm over the opening of the resonator (the bottom of the frog) and open and close your palm to make different tones.

Don't pull too hard but hard enough to be able to twist the stick against the string.

You can also whizz the whole thing around on the string which will make a different sound.

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