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Bambajam Symphony Kit


The Bambajam Symphony is a three octave chromatic xylophone with a unique feature - each key can be removed and played as a single instrument. As a xylophone, it looks similar to the piano in that sharps & flats are black whilst natural notes are blonde bamboo. Keys can be configured in any order on the frame so students use only the notes they need for their part of the arrangement.


Alongside traditional music education, the Bambajam methodology is designed to develop important social skills through creative problem solving. Bambajam Pelangi (EY and Junior) and Symphony (Secondary) help students build confidence in performing whilst learning to read music notation.


Bambajam has undergone a rigorous programme evaluation at Green School, Bali. Voted year-after-year as the ‘Worlds Greenest School’, it places a high value in both holistic & cross-curriculum education.

I created Bambajam to help anyone teach and learn music in a progressive, creative yet structured way. Whether you are a music specialist or unfamiliar with music, the Bambajam resources and instruments have been carefully designed and developed over the last decade to support you in the classroom and make learning music engaging for all ability levels.Duncan McKee, Jazz Musician/ Music Educator


How it's Played

The Symphony can be played solo, as a chamber instruments with 2 to 6 players and as a whole class resource by sharing our the notes between the pupils.


With a range of 37 notes, The Symphony has enough notes for most class sizes and comes with access to an accompanying library of Music Packs arranged especially for Bambajam. Music Packs are arranged for each individual note of the original scores. Each score sheet has Bambajam notation on one side and traditional notation is on the flip side. Each student plays one or two scores and teachers can assign parts based on difficulty level or class size. When the class puts all the parts together the piece of music comes together.

The library is full of arrangements for classical, jazz, world music as well as compositions sheets & teaching resources.


Each Symphony Kit contains:

• 37 pitched instruments
• 3 xylophone frames
• 30 mallets specially designed for The Symphony
• 2 Bambajam ensemble scores
• Access to the Bambajam Library
• Two carry bags

What it Goes Well With

The Symphony can be accompanied with percussion and, because all the notes are finely tuned, it can also be played with any Western-tuned instruments.

How it's Made

Bamboo has the most beautiful, natural tone and is also one of the planet's most renewable resources. The Bambajam Symphony not only looks spectacular but is hand crafted using sustainable bamboo. Each piece is hand picked for its musical quality and dried for over a year before being hand tuned to perfect pitch. Every feature has been designed with the classroom in mind and every care has been taken to ensure only the most renewable materials are used.


How to Look After It

How should I look after my Bambajam?
Each piece of bamboo is dried to ensure minimum moisture content. This helps prevent the bamboo from expanding in different temperatures, so avoid washing any part of the instrument with water. Instead, clean with a dry cloth. Direct exposure to strong sunlight can damage the bamboo so always store in a shaded area.

What happens if I damage it?
Bambajam’s are robust but can break if dropped or mistreated. They are, however, easy to repair using a strong glue. Once the glue has dried the Bambajam will return to it’s original tone. Be sure that the glue is applied by an adult and that it has dried fully before playing.

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